St Patrick Catholic Church

at the Beautiful Lake of the Ozarks in Laurie, MO




176 Marian Dr

Laurie, MO  65038    

(573) 374-MARY (6279)
FAX (573) 374-0627

Shrine Board Members:

 Spiritual Director, Reverend John Schmitz
Chairman, Mike Shepherd
Director, Jim Gerke
Financial Officer, Kathy Woodward
Marketing Director, Rose Vanderbeck

Dr. Jarold Abbott     Don Drake 
 Keith & Kathy Miller   Rick Purdon      
Bob Raeth    Jim Reinert   
Mary Carole Ducharme    Diana Sutherland     
Keith & Kathy Miller    Ron Nabor   
Kevin Owen       Dennis & Dot Woodward   
Dr. Mari Pat Brooks

St Patrick Catholic Church
176 Marian Dr

Laurie, MO 65038




The National Shrine of Mary, Mother of the Church 

Mission Statement

The Mary, Mother of the Church Shrine is dedicated to Mary as mother of the church and to all mothers.  The most important person on earth is a mother.

The purpose of the Shrine is to help promote a true appreciation of motherhood, the preciousness of life and the integrity of the family.

The outdoor shrine dedicated to Mary, Mother of the Church provides a beautiful  setting for outdoor Masses for the summer crowd.

The purpose of the Shrine is to show high regard for all mothers of the world.  All who come to the shrine are invited to honor their mothers in a special way by having their names engraved on the Mothers’ Wall of Life, the  polished black granite that surrounds the sculpture of Mary.  The Masses and prayers offered at the Shrine are offered for all Mothers on the Wall. 

Outdoor Masses are offered at the Shrine every weekend during the summer on Saturday 8:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. on Sunday.

Walk the last hours of Christ’s life following the footsteps along the Stations of the Cross.

Enjoy the Avenue of the Flags.  Over 100 flags were originally given by visitors to the Shrine from other countries or by parishioners in remembrance of their heritage.  Today, they can be adopted.

Take in the beauty of the fountains, flowers and the monuments throughout the grounds while enjoying the beautiful music of the clarion bells.

Tours are available, guests greeted with soft drinks and coffee.

Shrine of St Patrick
176 Marian Dr

Laurie, MO 65037
Phone: (573) 374-7855 Fax: (573) 374-0627